Uninsured Services Offered

Regular Visit-No/Invalid OHIP $40
Drs note (off work/school) $25
Prescription renewal without appointment $20
Missed referral appointment rebooking fee $20
Missed appointment (not cancelled within 24 hrs) $50
Duplicate Immunization Record $15
Duplicate Test Requisition $10
Print/Copies First page $1, each subsequent page $0.25
Forms-Third Party* Physical  $35 and up
Third Party Insurance Forms  $75 - $200
Driver's Medical Form Only $75
Drivers Medical Examination: including form $160
Adult -Third Party physical -without forms $100
Child -Third Party physical -without forms $100
Disability Tax Certificate  $75
Medical Chart Transfer: Family Photocopy $60-120
Medical Chart Transfer: Individual Photocopy  $30-60
TB Skin Test (Employment Purposes): Step 1 $40
TB Skin Test: Step 2  $30
Ear syringe not covered by OHIP    $30
Skin Tag Removal $35 and up
Wart Treatment (not covered by OHIP) $30 and up
*Third Party refers to requests made by an employer, school, camp ,insurance company etc.
*Please be advised that the cost for these services is not covered by your health insurance. Therefore, the patient is responsible for all fees.
*Additional fees may be charged for uninsured procedures or forms based on the doctor’s discretion.